How to Find The Perfect Caterer for Your Event

To find the perfect caterer for your upcoming event is no easy task. We all have to become expert googlers with a little bit of detective thrown in. Often times we read reviews online and have no idea if they are truthful or not. There are so many wedding and event sites to choose from it could literally make a future bride and groom’s head spin! When you’re planning one of the most important events in your life, it goes without saying that you want everything to be perfect and it is easy to do when you find the perfect caterer. Why? Because great food can make or break a party. Have you ever attended a wedding that served just a bunch of tasteless appetizers or a sit-down dinner that looked like the lettuce in your salad was wilted and old? We’ve all been there and vowed that would never happen at any party we planned!

How to find the best caterer for your event:

  • Ask friends and relatives– this is probably the most tried and true way to select a catering service. Contact some trusted websites like and wedding for useful planning information.
  • Taste the food – try to schedule tastings as part of the interview process. The caterer will often show you a pretty picture of the food that they serve, but that doesn’t give you a sense of what the food actually tastes like. If they value their reputation, they will have something on hand for you to sample.
  • Obtain a rough plan – Ask each caterer you visit to draw up a rough plan to include details like cost per person, menu options, exactly what per person includes (alcohol, rentals, tips), service and presentation style, and do they offer a less expensive plan.
  • Get references – while a caterer might not want to give out personal information about their clients, some may be willing to give you a few references to call. They will probably have a book or wall full of glowing testimonials. Go on an event website (not theirs) and search to see unbiased reviews. Makes sure to ask questions like:
  • Did the food live up to your expectations?
  • How was the food presented and prepared?
  • Was the waitstaff personable and efficient?
  • Did the menu and cost meet your expectations?

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